She Told Eddie

She told Eddie it didn’t hurt too bad.

“Give it a couple of minutes,” he says, smiling that smile of his. Like he knows it’s going to hurt and like he’s secretly enjoying it.

It doesn’t even take a couple of minutes before it starts. First it’s just a little tingle in her extremities, but then a burning rips through her veins and she doubles over, clutching her head as she screams.

“Told you,” Eddie chimes, that wicked grin not leaving his face.

“What the hell did you do to me?!” Sam screams up at him, her eyes wild.

“Just what you asked me to babe,” he responds, cackling.

“You are the worst wizard in the entire Midwest!” she shrieks and curls in on herself again.

“Now I’m going to let that slide, because you’re in pain and it’s clouding your mind.”

“When the fuck is it going to stop?!”

Eddie simply makes a noncommittal noise and shrugs his shoulders and Sam actually growls at him in response.



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